Terry Fitzgerald's Hot Buttered
The Australian surfer and shaper Terry Fitzgerald lived the beginning of modern surfing. Always believing that surfing is a lifestyle, Terry rode the most challenging waves on the planet and used all his self acquired know-how to improve and change the way surfboards were made, creating a revolution in surf boards manufacturing. 
In 1971 Terry founded Hot Buttered Surfboards. Today, HB has grown into an international brand, that has expanded into eyewear and apparel, with an emphasis on performance and functionality.
Terry belongs to a select group of surfers who built the foundations of the world surf market and paved the way for the emergence of the very first surf shops. Pouring his spirit and adrenaline in various clothing and accessories, he succeeded to spread his brand and making  HB one of the most recognized surfwear brands which is now distributed on four corners of the planet. 
With all legitimacy and “one foot on sand” the brand also navigates other seas, expanding and acting on different sports through athletes and event sponsorships, always strongly linked to outdoor sports and the whole universe which surrounds them.
Terry Fitzgerald Hot Buttered Sunglasses Surfing